W Magazine - 06/22 - Christopher Niquet Reinvents the Magazine

The Paris-based stylist, editor, and writer Christopher Niquet lived an entire life in the fashion industry before deciding to strike out with his own concept. Niquet, who was born in France, worked behind the scenes with designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix, and Anna Molinari, was a contributing writer for French Vanity Fair and contributing editor for Elle France, and stylist for Self Service magazine. He relocated to New York City in 2006, then moved back to Paris in 2020. All the while, he’d had an idea brewing: to create a publication of his own that allowed him to “trust my instincts,” he tells me during a Zoom call from Berlin.

Each issue of Study, which is now available for pre-order and officially drops on June 30, focuses on one theme, person, or idea. (The first mag will feature the photography of the model and Chanel ambassador Vivienne Rohner—a skill some might be surprised to find out Rohner possesses, since she has never shared her photographic work before.) Subsequent issues will center a little-known but influential playwright, as well as rap artists Niquet loves. This broad range of subject matter points to the editor and writer’s natural curiosity for the world around him, but also speaks to the social media age, in which a super-diverse hodgepodge of interests coexists on every person’s feed. Although the Internet has allowed for Niquet to “mix things up a little bit,” he acknowledges that the publication will still be highly specific and recognizable by pure nature of the fact that it zeroes in on one contributor or topic. “I hope that it will make sense to people,” he says with a laugh. Below, Niquet shares the cultural inclinations of a well-heeled flaneur: Japanese indie films, Senegalese art, and his love for Cat Power.

Why did you decide to launch Study?


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