Kennedy Magazine - 05/2022

The impulse for STUDY grew out of editor-in-chief and founder Christopher Niquet’s decades long experience as both a fashion editor and writer with the aim to create a plateform where words and images would be equally valued and given the same level of care and space.

STUDY will be published in English and attuned to a drop system of 4 to 8 issues a year.

From posters to lengthly multi page portfolios, each volume of STUDY will focus on the voice and work of an artist, photographer, personality or writer.

The volumes will be designed by the acclaimed Parisian agency Petronio Associates. Each volume is conceived as a collectible item for fashion, art and book lovers alike.

STUDY will be available for purchase in select stores across major cities and through the STUDY website as well as with IDEA Books.

The next volume will be released in October and will profile American playwright Adrienne Kennedy ahead of her Broadway debut with the play Ohio State Murders starring Audra McDonald.


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